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   Jay:   When my daughter came home from school today I asked her how was class?  “He’s a really an incredible person.” she said.  Thank you, Jay.  I think you’re one of those very few people who will always be remembered by Jen. How blessed we are when an influence like you is so positive. Thank you, Thank you.   My very best to you,   -- Karen. (HS Parent)

   Hello Jay,  I want to personally thank you for your positive influence in my son’s life -- and all the young people with whom you share your time, truth and practical techniques for living a powerful life.   It is clear that Joseph is inspired and desires to apply and share what you are teaching him.  I’m taking this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude, acknowledge what a wonderful job you are doing and encourage you to keep up the wonderful work!

-- Angelia (JHS Parent)

Dr. Klusky has been helping families prepare their children to be healthy, productive, and contributing

human beings for over 25 years.  

In his roles as an Author, Public Speaker, and

Mentor / Life Coach / Academic Advisor 

his work  focuses on teaching parents and students

how to build their self-esteem,

strengthen their powers of self-direction,

and develop their capacity for self-discipline.

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