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  1. -Workshops for Social Service  Practitioners

- Curriculum Development and Training

  1. -Developing Assessment and Reporting

   Infrastructures for Social Service   


  1. -Life Skills Training/Mentoring

  2. -Communication Training

- Parent Training

- Academic Counseling

- Family Counseling

Why Jay Klusky Associates

    In 2012, Dr. Jay Klusky along with Aaron Bell, Sr. founded Guiding Light Family Services.  Since August of that year, Guiding Light has been contracting with Oregon’s Department of Human Services to provide individual and group services to their clients with excellent results.  We know this because in the Fall of 2014, Dr. Klusky developed a method to objectively assess Guiding Light’s performance over their first two years.   Much of the foundational curriculum Guiding Light uses was developed between 1975 and 1995 by Dr. Klusky’s mentor Dr. James Samuels who Dr. Klusky has been studying with since 1974. (We would be happy to send you our Executive Summary and/or our Curriculum upon request.)  For more information about Dr. Klusky, click here.