Curriculum Development

and Training

We would be happy to train your staff in aspects of our curriculum.  Our curriculum can stand alone and/or readily augment your existing curriculum.  Ours is a strength-based, skills-based curriculum with two primary components: Self-Control/Self-Discipline Training and Communication Training.   We would be happy to send you an outline of our curriculum upon request.

  1. -The M.O. Scale and The Evolution of Attitude:

        The Theoretical Basis for Decoding, Predicting, and Changing Behavior     Check out the book

- Reverse Integration: White Social Service Practitioners Effectively Building

                         Relationships With, and Serving Communities of Color

  1. -Fatigue and the Social Service Practitioner:  Preventing and Recovering From Burn-Out

- Engaging Fathers: Increasing the Likelihood Fathers Will Take Advantage of Services.

Workshops and Presentations for

Social Service Practitioners

Thanks so much for coming down and presenting for the group!  I just wanted to let you know I was flagged down by one of our nurses who attended your presentation the other day with her entire family and she raved about how wonderful and valuable she thought your

presentation was to her and her family!

                               Bruce Rodgers, Director

                                                                                    Workforce Management &  

Leadership Development,

Salem Hospital

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Simply put, funders are looking to support organizations who can demonstrate the efficacy of their programs. 

Today, there are many, many organizations doing excellent work serving under-represented, distressed, and vulnerable populations.  Far too often, these organizations lack the requisite assessment and reporting infrastructure to reflect the great work they are doing.  

We can help them develop the assessment and reporting infrastructure they need to communicate successfully with prospective and current funders.

Assessment and Reporting Infrastructure Development